What will the wedding day really be like?

by | May 5, 2017

A wedding day for the bride is the most important day of her life. Wouldn’t you agree?

She wants to look her absolute most beautiful…looking radiant in her bridal gown with exquisite hair and makeup, beautiful accessories, waiting for that moment when her groom casts his eyes on her as she walks into the wedding ceremony.

The wedding may have been planned for one or even two years.

In the lead up to the wedding day there have been   decisions, the pondering, the discussions, the shopping, and more shopping (both online and on foot) … But what will the wedding day be actually like asks the excited bride?  Will it all work as planned?

From my experience, as a makeup and hair artist spending most of the day with the bridal party, the wedding day goes splendidly! But, are my weddings planned differently to some? I hear horror stories of brides being very late, not liking the look they had planned, etc etc.

My best advice… Always employ experienced suppliers…

The knowledge they accumulate over the years cannot be written down. Their experience will pay you well. They try to ensure things don’t go wrong, think of everything and think of plan B too!

You assume you are employing an extremely reliable supplier, someone well known in the industry and recommended by other suppliers. With makeup and hair, you would hope to have someone who is really lovely to be with for all those hours. Someone you can so rely on for support and help on the day.

Someone cheerful and also very talented and creative with makeup and hair.

A very special little thing which many assume will happen, and often only happens with experience is Time Management. You don’t want to be aware of your artist watching her clock, you just want to know everything is gliding along beautifully, and calmly!

And wouldn’t it be fabulous if that artist had everything in her kit, the unpredictable little items that are just so important?

The obvious would be the nail scissors for the ribbon cutting of the veil, but what about that red blotch that suddenly appeared? The tattoo we had forgotten about? The white bobby pins for the veil attachment? The list could go on here….

What about the bride who is secretly hiding her total nerves? What should she do?

Who calms who down when the father of the bride has brought two odd shoes to the hotel?

Shouldn’t the wedding flowers have come by now?

Talk to an experienced bridal makeup and hair artist who knows how to get your makeup and hair just right the first time at your trial. (The pre wedding trial is a very informative appointment and I recommend on closer to the wedding day for many reasons.) and has ways to ensure its even better on the wedding day. Find someone who will install such confidence in you, and so take so much anxiety on your wedding day.

The hours before the wedding should be calm, happy and memorable for you and your bridesmaids and mothers.