Will you be wearing a veil?

by | May 4, 2017

At the all important hair trial, which I have with my all brides, we decide where the veil is going to be placed in the hair.

Listen carefully…. now if you are bringing the veil over the face for the wedding ceremony then it’s not a really good look if the veil is attached at the nape of the neck.  Does that make sense?  Better for it to be positioned just on the crown of the head.  I will show you this at the hair trial.

If you are not wearing the veil over the face it can be positioned anywhere on the hair but if you are requiring a low bun it always looks very nice if the veil is positioned under the bun.  Now listen carefully again, in this instance I advise you ask your veil designer/bridal couture/dressmaker to create LOOPS on the veil and not use a comb.  The comb can be uncomfortable when stuck into the nape of the neck.  Loops are secured with bobby pins and are very much neater in appearance.

How long is the veil? If it’s a really long veil, bets are you won’t want it in all evening.  Maybe you would like to purchase a simple broach or jewelry to replace the veil. The very long veils are often cursed by photographers on windy days, or brides worry about their father or someone else stepping on it.   They are very beautiful though, so weigh it all up before the wedding day perhaps?

I will show one of the bridesmaids how to take the veil out so you don’t mess the hair design up!

I really like my brides to bring their veil to the hair trial.   Our trials often take place only six weeks prior to the wedding day so the veil has been chosen and purchased.  It’s very helpful for me to see the veil beforehand. If the veil is coming over the face is it too heavy for that fringe you are thinking about?

Usually I am there to place the veil on the wedding day for you.

That’s why you are choosing an experienced bridal hair stylist like me…right?