What do I do for the trial?

by | May 4, 2017

We makeup and hair artists are, on the whole, a very friendly and helpful bunch.

We like you to think particularly about the hairstyle that you may like. Have a look at bridal magazines, on the internet etc and trust your own instincts! Bring those pix to the trial too as they will help in your consultation.

Downstyles are very glamorous, but if it’s really hot and humid, or windy on the wedding day, that style will not stay in place quite as well as a half upstyle or upstyle.

A veil? If you are having a veil, do you want the veil to come over your face? If so, then you will need the veil to be attached on top of your head and not right under say that beautiful bun you were thinking of designing. It just doesn’t really work does it? Don’t want a veil? No problem…you can even think of choosing one of those fabulous accessories in the bridal shops etc or that accessory can replace the veil when you take it off. Yes, we will attach the veil for you too! And we will ensure it stays in place.

Come with clean dry hair, and don’t use too much conditioner in your hair washing, as it can hinder curling. We keep some very special products in the hair kit.

How will the makeup artist know what to do? We talk to you. We listen to you. We know how to enhance those beautiful features of yours to their best. You may not know they are there even, but we do – you will be amazed what we pick up from talking to you. I find that when brides bring photographs of makeup shots to me, brides don’t always see how that makeup will look on them – they are looking at someone with different looks – and nine times out of ten there is more makeup used in the shot than they realise. So it can be confusing.