The Vintage Look with Finger Waves

by | May 4, 2017

The Vintage look, it’s so beautiful, from hairstyle to dress and matching accessories.

Finger waves give that really beautiful l930s style and wearing it with a difference is even better!    It doesn’t have to have to have that severe look; there are lots of styles to the finger wave.  I can create a soft endearing look or create the defined finger wave .

There are various methods which I use to create the different look.  Each has different products  and uses different tools, depending on the sort of wave required.  The more severe look is created using lots of gel, but needs time to dry.  Your hair type can also be a consideration.  Very thin hair looks better with a softer look; frizzy hair should probably be defuzzed first.

This style looks sensational with hair taken up at the back very softly, or can be great with shorter hair – there are so many combinations so it’s best to experiment at the hair trial.

Some finger wave styles can take more time than others, so when you bring your pictures to me for your trial, we can combine them all together and create the dream fingerwave vintage look….a unique style just for you.

This hairstyle does look fabulous teamed up with a vintage style dress, so soft and feminine.