Unique makeup techniques

by | May 5, 2017

Makeup Artists each have their own unique way of using and applying their makeup, using skill, expertise and experience.

I would love to share some things I do with my brides to accomplish that flawless fabulous finish.

Hydrating the skin is first….Mac have a fabulous fix for this or I use my own rose water which is so hydrating for the skin.  Plumps up the skin beautifully and it feels lovely especially on a very hot day


I use a hydrating serum (my secret!) which has the most amazing affect and does not make the skin too oily either.  You really don’t need both serum and moisturizer because you will have a primer!
I use Atelier Primer as its the very best one for creating that occlusive layer on open pores and creates a matt layer for a flawless finish for your foundation.


When it comes to foundation, I really like to choose one of my ranges depending on the skin texture and condition of the skin.  Some ranges are just dry for a dry flakey skin, and some too oily for a very oily skin.  So you have to leave that part of the process to my discretion, but its really not just about the colour and tone of your skin.


Powder….I  have a silk powder to die for.  Camera finish spectacular! When I create your makeup I will let you know my other secret. Never seen other makeup artists use it but it looks fabulous and helps set the makeup to last hours and hours.


For eyes that do not seem to hold the eyeshadow there are two ways I deal with this.  I use a set of eye primers depending on the colour of the lid.  Some people have very red lids so using a beige primer is best to counteract that.  The other method is to use watercolour shadows. Yes! They glide on and not only do they stay on better but you don’t get that powder drop that sometimes happens with shimmery or loose eye shadows.
Many shimmers which I add as a last minute touch just don’t last on some people.  I have found a cream type shimmer that dries and stays! No drop, no loss, only shimmer! And they come in different shades too.

Eyeliner smears…gel is the best, I have about six colours in my eye liner gel kit…I don’t often use plain black actually.  I find mixing black with a brown and creating a colour that tones in with your eyes is best.  Plain severe black can be too black for many people..worth experimenting.  Often I blend shadow into the eye liner to soften the look.

Smokey look?  Don’t just think black smokey…did you know you can create a smokey look with any colour…blend blend blend away! It can be as dramatic or as soft we you want.


Clumpy? Thick or too thin?  I have tried so many over the years. But I seem to have found one which is lovely to work with, doesn’t run out quickly and looks amazing.  It looks even better when I apply my individual false lashes.


Dried, cracked lips, lipstick looks awful.  Yes! I have a product that seems to work in minutes!

Everyone loves ‘nude’ nowadays  I have the perfect colour.  Not too pink, not too apricot… Litle bit glossy ….

Don’t like that glossy gooey look?  Feel like the gloss is all over your face?  Try just applying it to the centre bottom lip….optical illusion.  I would like to bet it works! I use a lip lacquer..beats all the rest!


I guess you already know that eyebrows create structure to the face.  How on earth would we look without them?  Its a very personal thing, some people don’t like much of an eyebrow look and others cant get enough of them.   The shape is the thing to consider and how they work in with your face shape etc  and what colour to use.  I have used pencils over the years but I now find that my paint is the best and then to comb through the brow for that natural finish.  If I don’t trim  those long lurky brows I can gel them down so they don’t move!

Yes, I do have a lot of makeup, three professional kits worth.  Just because we work in the industry doesn’t make us lose the ‘must have that makeup’ feeling. I am always trying new makeup ..so let me try it on you!”