Skincare – does it make a difference? You bet it does!

by | May 4, 2017

At the trial and on the wedding day, you need to have a well moisturized and hydrated skin. Preferably blemish free – well almost!   Being a Beauty Therapist, it’s easy for me to advise my brides on their best skin regime leading up to the wedding day.

This is the time to invest!  Look after the skin on your face, and don’t forget about your neck and décolletage in the skin treatment itinerary.   Cleanse!  You must cleanse every day and always at night even if not in the morning.

Cleansing is the gateway to good skin. It also helps the moisturizer and active ingredients to penetrate much more effectively.  Ask me, or your beauty therapist for the best cleanser for your skin type.  Too heavy or too stripping can be disastrous!

A good and experienced makeup artist will have assessed your skin within minutes of meeting you.

Discuss your sensitive skin with me – if your skin tends to be that way and I will advise the best way forward!   Also let me know if anyone else has really sensitive skin in the bridal party so I can take a note of that and discuss with the person on the day – there are options other than no makeup!   I am happy to use a person’s own makeup if they want me to – it’s the technique of application that is the trick!

To get really good radiant skin the following may help:

  • Drink lots of water and stay out of the sun
  • If you are having a fake tan applied, ensure a light coverage on your face so your body and face match.  I find some tanning products dehydrate the skin, so be careful to moisturize well.  Ask that the person who does the trial spray tan also does your tan in the wedding week! Also ask them to take a note of what they used so it’s exactly what you like.
  • Get your last regular facial a week before the wedding. If you rarely have facials, don’t get one within a week of the wedding. Six months is a good time to start having skin treatments before the wedding if you don’t normally have them.
  • It’s the products you use at home that really make the difference.
  • Have your eyebrows waxed (if that’s what you normally do) a few days before to avoid any puffiness or if you pluck do this a couple of days prior.  Always try to go to a regular beauty therapist for waxing  – i have seen some bad jobs!
  • Practice a consistent cleanse and exfoliate routine in the months leading up to the day, however, do not start one in the week of the wedding.  Talk to your trusted beauty therapist (or me) for advice.
  • Cleanse on the morning of the wedding and moisturize several times. (A well moisturized face is the key to long lasting make-up).
  • Keep lips crack free and moisturized. A soft toothbrush can help to loosen dry skin on your lips and use a lip balm in the few weeks leading up to the wedding.
  • Have an eyelash tint. It makes the eyes stand out really well as the tint goes directly to the roots of the lashes.  You don’t need to bother with eyebrow tinting as I will create a good shape for you in the makeup I design.

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