The Robertson Photoshoot July 2015

by | May 5, 2017

A mature and unique Estate house, wrapped in history, sitting in the midst and (often the mist) of the Southern Highlands ……awaits the photo shoot team.

The Robertson (newly renamed from Grand Fountaindale), seems such a familiar sight having spent many years visiting this grand old manor. Now we are filming in it ….. models, camera men, owners, the Bentley car. Here we go as I set up my makeup and hair kit for a full day of filming.

Today have a model from France who looks more beautiful than ever under the camera lens, and the Stylist has brought some very gorgeous ‘set ‘clothes!   A fur jacket, slinky day dresses, an the most amazing bridal dress.

Our model  lounges by the massive open fire drinking brandy, with hair draped around her upmarket clothing. The set moves to the comfortable chair by the brandy bar….   Standing outside The Robertson as darkness approaches in mid Winter, trying to sit on the beautiful black thoroughbred horse proved to be a little challenge. Our model, dressed in her voluptuous bridal gown with wire and tussles was a scary scene for the black beauty!   No the horse wasn’t having that! Ditch that idea! What transformed was equally beautiful as the bride stood regally amongst the lights of the manor house, ….. I had three minutes create the models hair into the shot you see now, before the next change of scene. Fortunately the makeup stayed good all day.

Final shots of the day were sat in the evening sun as it shone through in warm wafts in the loft. the large headgear goes on and camera starts to click….absolutely stunning.

Love the variety in photoshoots, new environments, new faces, new challenges….surprises all around….changes of scene, variations in temperature in the southern highlands!