The Pro’s and Con’s of Wedding Hair Styles

by | May 5, 2017

One aspect of creating a beautiful bride is the hairstyle, so let’s look at the options of the many styles available for you.


When done properly, upstyles should last all day and evening. The hair is secured by a structured procedure – not just lacquer and pins! Some of the softer ‘messy’ looks, with curls cascading down loosely around the face may not hold as well, even with a professional’s touch. It does depend on the hair type often. Use of padding and product creates the illusion of fuller and thicker hair.

Heavier types of hair, particularly one hair length, do not lend themselves to this sort of style. Hair with more texture and layering is often perfect for this soft look. Professional hairstyling products can create amazing results but not miracles!

Heavier hair lends itself to a more structured sleeker style – such as a top bun, low bun or off centre bun design. It’s a fabulously elegant look, classic and timeless.

Your bridal gown may dictate aspects to the overall look. An intricate gown with lots of detail in fabric, lace, sequins etc may be better suited to a simpler hairstyle and accessories.

Your face shape does play an important part too. A longer face does is not enhanced by a bun on top of the head, it creates an overall elongated look. A side bun gives the optical illusion of a wider face in this instance. This is where an objective opinion from your hairstyling specialist is important.

An added advantage of an upstyle of course is that there are more options for the entire bridal party.

You are able keep your hairstyle different. If you choose an upstyle for yourself (say bun at the back) then a side bun looks spectacular for the bridesmaids. I find mostly that brides prefer up or down for everyone.

Of course, the weather can play a part. Upstyles are less affected by humid, wet or windy conditions.

Hair is better not touching any part of your dress, as it takes away the focus.

In conclusion an upstyle can be just a fabulous look. It’s a hair artist’s creation and there are so many variations to consider.


Today’s downstyles can be soft sleek and loose, ‘beachy’ and a little messy, or thick and luxurious.

These designs are dictated by your hair thickness and length, type, cut and the preparation method used.

The use of hair extensions (semi-permanent or temporary) can enhance this look quite dramatically. This does usually involve cost in product and or application.

The groom may prefer you best with your hair down. It may be just as simple as that and it is a consideration for some brides. He may much prefer a softer natural look and a style he is accustomed to see you with.

You may have tattoos, scars etc that you wish to conceal and this is achieved by hair covering theses areas.

Some people consider downstyles to be slightly sexier and softer.

Some bridal gowns just say “down”. Cascading soft waves suit some low backless dresses.

If you are well endowed with a sweetheart designed wedding dress, hair dropping down may complete the picture beautifully. Hair takes the focus away.

If you are wearing a bridal cap then the image of the hair cascading down from it can look just stunning and simply sensational, not a look that can be pulled off with an up style.

The Beachy look is simple on the eye, looks informal and can suit your wedding venue. Flower halos and hair bands look fabulous on this style.

Weather may be a big consideration to having a downstyle. Wet or humid weather can bring out hair frizz.

Your styles may not hold or stay in quite as well.

Oily hair could look very lank over a few hours.

A soft sleek downstyle will not have texture or have an appropriate place to fix a veil or other accessories in securely.

All in all, be guided at your hair trial consultation. A good hair stylist will have requested for you to bring along a few hairstyle preferences (ipad or print offs). You will then have the opportunity to discuss all the options.

Your experienced hair stylist will guide you to make the best choice, from advising you what to bring and do for the hair trial, to helping you decide during your consultation. She will see at a glance the best options but your preferences must be considered. Hair trials are so much fun.

Many of my brides book their special day with me months in advance and have their hair trial much closer to the wedding date. They then have acquired their veil, hair accessories, their hair has grown to the length they want and are in a better mental focus to make good decisions.