Photographs You Must Get On Your Wedding Day

by | May 5, 2017

Photographers are so clever, and I am sure you have chosen the best one for you.  However there are things to think about.

If you have chosen a photographer who takes amazing lively natural shots, there may not be as many close-up portrait type shots for you. These shots capture the day but not everything you designed for the big day. These are the shots that bring back the memories of how you thought and thought about what to do with your makeup, your hair, your hair accessories, earrings , veil …. the list goes on.

Think about what you want.  Your photographer would welcome your suggestions.  If photographs are being taken during or just after preparation time, perhaps include a few close ups of all those things you have just read about.

I am sure you have chosen the very best makeup artist to enhance all your best beautiful features, creating a glowing radiant bridal look.  But is it down in those photos?  Did those amazing eyes that your finance/new husband loves get featured?  Those luscious lips in your favourite lipstick colour?  That glowing complexion that had never looked so good?

You have read hundreds of wedding magazines and looked at countless internet hairstyles, but when you finally chose the style for you, was it captured in those wedding shots?  That hairstyle took maybe an hour to do – it looked so perfect, suited you so much, looked so good with your bridal gown.  Where is it in the wedding photos?

When you have your appointment with the wedding photographer, maybe this may inspire you to request a little bit more?