The Mother of the Bride Matters Too!

by | May 5, 2017

So often the Mother of the Bride is shy and concerned about having her makeup applied professionally.  She may have had previous bad experiences or may just find that her eyes have become sensitive to makeup, particularly mascara and eye shadows.

Sometimes eyes do become more sensitive to mascara and other makeup as we age.  Also eyelashes can become thinner and shorter, so if you can wear mascara to thicken and lengthen the lashes – that’s great! If a mum is unable to wear mascara, a tip is to have an eyelash tint prior to the wedding (and have a tester few weeks before the wedding too to make sure you are not allergic to the tint also!) Tinting creates a nice dark eyelash and maybe the need to wear mascara can be avoided.

I have used individual false eyelashes on some Mothers of the Bride and when using the correct type of lash, it can be wonderful.  Many mums won’t try false eyelashes, I must admit.  They are shy of doing so, or maybe they are concerned if their eyes have sensitivities.  We can always find a way round.  Another tip is for mum to bring along a mascara that she knows will work and is compatible to her. I have no problem using someone’s personal makeup.  For such a special occasion, it’s not worth the risk in my opinion.  Final tip – what about a trial for the mother of the bride if she is concerned?

Ngaire, my bride in February 2013 said the following:

“I really appreciated the way you did my Mum’s makeup so carefully to make sure her eyes didn’t water…she loved her makeup and looked fantastic all day (and no watering eyes!!).”

Brides love their mums!  They love looking over after makeup completion and seeing their mum standing there looking absolutely glorious, elegant and they know their mum is very happy!