Achieving flawless, radiant wedding day makeup

by | May 4, 2017

Everything to do with your wedding has taken so much planning, thinking and decisions hasn’t it? Don’t spoil that final look with anything less than superb makeup.

Some pointers that I think are absolute have to do’s.

  • Follow a really good skin care routine and ask professional advice from a senior experienced beauty therapist. It’s no good putting the very best moisturizer on skin if its clogged with dead skin cells and excess oil and grime.
  • You must have clean skin and so you must cleanse at least once a day and particularly at night. Weekly soft exfoliating and spend the money on a quality good moisturizer to suit your skin type.
  • Eat a balanced diet, drink water – hard to do so take the bottled water in the car and everywhere you go! Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables – do it and see the difference. Go on try it for just one month as an experiment.
  • Start investigating and look for an experienced makeup artist. Look at the gallery photographs and the testimonials on sites, ring the artist up. If she seems calm on the phone, helpful and seems to really know her stuff, chances are she is going to be that way on your wedding day.
  • Book your artist well in advance – I hate turning brides away. It’s very disappointing when you have done all that investigation, and you think “Yes this is the one”, and she is booked!
  • Make sure you have a really good consultation with the makeup artist, it should last at least an hour. She should take notes of what you have and haven’t decided on, take digital photographs and write it all down. She should be using one of a variety of primers so your makeup not only takes on a dewy appearance, but it helps the foundation, eye shadow and all last for hours. You may not really like the idea of powder, and it doesn’t have to be applied heavily, but it is there for a reason. It helps set the makeup, and the photographer will thank you for not having an overly shiny face. It’s not easy to take shine away even with Photoshop editing!