False eyelashes or eyelash extensions?

by | May 4, 2017

Focus on the eye is today’s look. There are lots of ways to make your eyes really pop!

Generally big lashes give the appearance of a wide-eyed look, make the eyes look larger and seem to just open up the eye.    Individual lashes (well they are really about four lashes clumped together) are so comfortable to wear, most people say they just cannot feel they are wearing them.  In fact many a bride has told me that once her eyes are closed she was not even aware of me applying them!  But then, I am a very gentle handed makeup artist!

Usually lasting the day you apply them, they have been known to stay on for a few days. (They are easy to take off, I do have a supply of eyelash remover if you are concerned about taking them off.)  These eyelashes are very reasonably priced, no more than $25 per whole set.

I like them because they are secure, comfortable and just look so absolutely natural. I would like to bet most people would say you looked fabulous but they would not know you were wearing false lashes.

Strip lashes are applied using a different glue.  They do look great with a big wow look, just not so natural in appearance.

Eyelash extensions are different again.  You can wear them for at least two weeks or more before they need infills.  Of course you have to go to the beauty salon for these before the wedding. It’s a good idea not to choose them too long first application until you get used to them. They are much more expensive (approximately $70 to $l50 depending on where you go). Again not as natural to look at.