Don’t let the big day slip away

by | May 4, 2017

“Why do we start so early…?” I often hear brides say this before the wedding day; only to hear just as they put their wedding dress on … “Now I know June-Rose”.

Don’t let the big day slip away. It’s an enormously important day; you have planned it for so long.

So how can we maximise it the most? Here are some tried and trusted points that I would like to share with you about being well planned and therefore feeling relaxed, healthy and positive about your day. All the little things count. Please also share this list with your bridesmaids so you are all on the same page.

The day of your wedding and the night before

  • Have at least one bridesmaid, or other, who is going to be a really good help on the day, with iniatative and a willing nature.  You need her
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol (if any…no I am not a prude…I love it too!) the evening prior to the wedding day.  Instead get that water or sparkling water out and keep hydrated
  • Try to get sleep and rest the week prior and especially the night before. Remember what your Mum told you, it’s the hours before midnight that matter for sleep
  • Do as much, or more than you think, in terms of planning before the week before. Try to make that week full of really last minute things and prioritise. Ie. What’s to stop you packing your bag two weeks before?
  • Watch a video (preferably comedy) it really works to relax you, and music. It’s so often forgotten particularly if you are staying in a hotel. Take your own music
  • Food. Even if you don’t think you will be hungry, others will. Something to snack on, and even better someone to make a tray of yummy fresh sandwiches, now you’re talking
  • That bottle of bubbly – ask someone else to bring that lovely bottle of special bubbly, and organise the chilling of it with glasses, for that magic moment I find that moment is when the bride is about to have her makeup applied…..the knees start to shake just a little…..its a great moment to surprise her with that nice little touch.  Just a sip or two….and rememember the straws?  If not, don’t worry; makeup artists have a palette or two of that thing called touch up lipstick!
  • Phone calls – enrol someone like your bridesmaid to take the phone calls. Guests do all sorts of weird and wonderful things, like getting lost and ringing the bride for directions…..yes they do.   Have a designated ‘other’ manager on the day
  • Stay at your preparation venue.  Enrol a makeup and hair stylist to come to you… enlist someone with experience…. its one thing to do great makeup and hair, but trust me-on the wedding day, you also need that little bit extra
  • Visitors – don’t let everyone come to the house, or come into the preparation hotel room.  It becomes chaos.  Keep it to just the bridal party and invite your mum in.  Even if its only for a short visit.  Its her day too, you are her precious daughter    Mother s the bride do look very elegant and beautiful on the day when they have had their makeup and hair done.  I have seen many a surprised look on the brides face when they see their mum looking so wonderful…think about her too, it’s really worth it.  I often do the mums’ makeup and hair first and they have the opportunity of popping out and doing last minute things. It could be a good idea to ask the mother of the groom too? Nice way to start a lifelong relationship
  • Does the wedding dress go over the head or pull up.  Does the dress need thirty minutes to tie up?  All in the planning, so choose someone who you know will be good at this

Emergency pack list

  • Chalk – if you need to cover up any stains on white dresses
  • Hand held steamer – for any creases on dresses (it beats worrying about ironing dresses or the painstaking practice of steam in the bathroom, but the latter is better than nothing).
  • Scissors – it’s probably the one item most people forget to bring, (but you guessed it, they are always in my kit). Tweezers could be good but I don’t recommend tweezing the brows on the day.  Red sore eyebrows are just another thing to conceal
  • Painkillers and first aid kit including bandaids – I know a makeup artist with a bad back once who worked for hours suffering …until she took a little help from her packed pain relief..(wonder who?)
  • Sewing kit – last minute mends
  • Heel guards – a recent but great invention. Plastic covers for the ladies high heels that stop you piercing the soft wet grass.