The Difference Between Standard Makeup and Professional Bridal Makeup

by | May 5, 2017

Bridal makeup can be a battle between quality and price range. You want to be able to afford a beautiful look without breaking the bank but you don’t want to compromise the look in any way due to your budget. When considering makeup brides will want something that is long lasting without putting too much on to compensate. Wedding photographers prefer brides to have a matt finish to their face as shine can show up very easily on camera shots.

When using a professional they create your look by using different techniques and depending on your skin colour, texture and face shape. They use all sorts of products from concealers, serums, primers and different types of foundation and a professional will be able to tell how much you will need and what will make you look your best.

Professionals have the right tools to use also, they have top quality brushes for finer application and use their hands or special sponges to apply creams. One common misconception is to keep the skin moist but when applying powders such as foundations, blushers and shimmers you need to be applying to drier skin so that it doesn’t stick to your skin and become clumpy and patchy. This gives your skin more room to breathe and stops you from applying too much, dry skin can be battled with a drink of good old fashioned water rather than oils or creams.

At home and when applying makeup yourself it can become a little confusing as to what goes on first and how to apply products. You can find yourself searching through hundreds of ‘How To’ videos but all with different techniques. You could spend a week or two before the wedding trying out different techniques and perfecting the art, but it is more cost effective and better quality in the long run to hire a professional.

The beauty of human beings is that generally not one face is the same, this can be challenging when trying to apply makeup by yourself as there are many trade secrets you would be missing out on and may not know about. For example, when applying eye makeup, not many people would think to apply lighter colours around the bridge of the nose and inside of the eyes to create a more wide eyed look. This is not something the average makeup wearer would know, whereas a professional would consider that to be basic knowledge.

You could invest in getting makeup lessons with a professional which is actually extremely useful as not only would this help you on the big day but it sets you up for life! They will show you what looks best on you and thereon you can do it yourself at home! It may cost a little more to do it this way but it is always worth it as these are memories you will have for the rest of your life, you want to be able to look back and say “I looked so beautiful that day”, not “Ugh look at how shiny my face is!”.