Creating Amazing Wedding Photographs Requires Teamwork

by | May 5, 2017

On your wedding day I want you to look absolutely fabulous when I have completed your bridal makeup and hair, and your photographer and I work as a team to create those unforgettable shots.

Not only is quality makeup application needed but keeping everyone happy so they have soft relaxed faces (especially the bride) is of the utmost importance.

If everyone is ready then the photographer has the best chance to take the best shots with the time available.

Marion from Marions Photographics says:

“Another tip when choosing a makeup artist is efficiency. It’s unprofessional and inefficient if the makeup artist has not finished applying makeup onto the bride/bridesmaids when the photographer arrives, similarly with the hairdresser. It always slows things down and reduces photographic time when either of these services are delayed resulting in minimal and/or rushed photos. It is so important that the makeup artist and hair company all work together as a team, allowing each professional to have the allocated time with the bride as this will only result in a relaxed and happy bride. Finally, it is great to have someone with a great personality. It’s your wedding day! You are excited and happy so it’s nice to have all the people around you in the same mindset.”

I once worked with Marion where I was doing the makeup only and the hair stylist made us all so late.  The hair stylist was a wedding guest too!  It was chaos and Marion did not have as much time as she wanted.  Needless to say she did an absolutely amazing job thanks to her professionalism.

Marion goes on to say:

“With digital, there’s not much you can’t fix these days but the things that take the most time would be shine on a bride’s face and if the makeup hasn’t been correctly applied in the first place. This could be a costly expense and unnecessary if the bride had a professional makeup artist. It always surprises me when I arrive at a bride’s home in the morning, go to take a photo of the bride and the makeup looks like it is coming off already. As I said, DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME –  have a professional makeup artist who is relaxed and friendly as this will only make your day run smoothly KNOWING YOUR MAKEUP WILL LAST ALL DAY.  A bride should always HAVE A MAKEUP TRIAL FIRST BEFORE BOOKING.  Most makeup artists offer these separate to booking them on the day so you, the bride, can be certain you’re happy with the makeup and how it looks. In importantly, that your face blends with the rest of your body.”

Applying good quality makeup using the correct and best techniques creates that flawless and radiant look.  My aim is to have a face looking as natural as possible but at the same time enhancing a person’s features, whilst having the makeup lasting at least ten hours!

Photographer Nigel Unsworth says:

“When I meet with brides and they haven’t picked a makeup artist I say make sure you pick someone who’s work you like, have the ability/skill to give you the look you want, can advise professionally, uses quality makeup products, is punctual and on time and always do a trial. “

The trial is absolutely essential and I always consult with my brides for this fun filled two hour appointment.  But there is more too.  Everything should be written down for the wedding day from how long you will be there, what to expect and at what time, what the bridesmaids and other bridal party members will be having done, and so much more.

Being a good listener and knowing how to interpret their requests is a learnt skill. Experience counts every time!!

Before choosing a makeup artist and hair stylist, do your research. Every good professional makeup artist and hair stylist should:

  • be absolutely reliable
  • arrive on time and keep to schedule by being efficient during the whole preparation
  • be totally professional in manner and appearance
  • provide a high quality end result for the bride
  • be warm, friendly and very approachable.
  • A good makeup and hair artist should know who much you want a calm, happy and successful day – and to look amazing in the photographs as well!