After the dress, hair and makeup are the defining features of a bride’s image, so it’s important to get them right. But what does ‘getting it right’ mean? Most brides trawl through magazines and online galleries before settling on a specific look. While it’s important to know what you want (it is your  wedding after all!), it’s also a good idea to consider what will work for you and what won’t. The following pointers from June-Rose, gathered over her twenty years in the industry, will steer you in the right direction.

Wedding Hair Tips

  • Hairstyles that look great in a photo may have been taken for a photo shoot where there is an artist continually fixing the style.
  • Bear in mind that many photographs on Pinterest and other social media platforms contain photographs that may have been photoshopped and/or had filters added.
  • Think about timing for the day and keeping the bridesmaids hairstyles simple (but still beautiful) is best. More time is allowed for the bride on the wedding day itself, based on our trial results. You want your bridesmaids to look amazing but you are the bride, and our first focus is on you! A similar style on all bridesmaids works brilliantly.
  • Hair washed day prior to the trial and also  the wedding day is usually preferred, and blow dried  (if your hair is frizzy etc to save more time towards creating your perfect hairstyle.)

Drawn To An Image? Consider The Following:

  • Dark hair can look better in the more smooth elegant look, whereas blonde hair can have more texture and may look better in a softer or beach look style. It may be an idea to have foils (in a lighter shade to your dark hair) if you wish to highlight the style and vice versa for blonde hair.
  • Choose your hair accessories to suit you and your hair type. If you have fine, thin hair, a heavy piece may not be stable. Large, heavy flowers can drop or fall over a little, and there is not always a way to pin the flower head in.
  • Think carefully about your hair type. For example, if you have thin, limp, long hair, a down style may not look as you imagine. If you are insistent on this style think about researching hair extensions (the clip in type are great temporary measures). Time will be allowed on the wedding day for the attachment of these. The permanent ones have to be styled into your hair at the hairdressers before the trial.
  • Downstyles are beautiful but can be a little more unstable as the hair moves as you move. The wedding day may be very hot in the middle of summer and heat causes hair to lose its curl somewhat. Upstyles are stable and will stay in place all day. They can be designed to look natural and feel comfortable.Or think about a half up style.

Wedding Makeup Tips

  • Makeup does not cover up all lines and wrinkles! Most images you see in the media have been edited. Makeup is designed to make you look flawless in photographs but in person and up close can look a bit heavier. Use of less powder can be helpful.
  • Having a fake tan can be beneficial. I recommend having a test run and asking the beautician to mark what product they used and who did the tan That way you know it will be the same on the wedding day as it was at the trial. Remember to moisturise dry areas, elbows, palms of hands, knees and heels and watch the soles of your feet if you accidentally stand on tanning product! (I have seen that before!!) On the day if the tan is darker or lighter than expected, the make-up artist will adjust the makeup tint to be used.
  • A good makeup artist will immediately assess your skin type, colouring, texture and the exact products to match this. Be advised by this, but we welcome your input.
  • Remember some makeup  colours bring out the natural colouring of your eyes, and some tones enhance your natural skin tone (for example, a really fine porcelain skin doesn’t always look good with black eyeliner)
  • An eyelash tint is highly recommended for every bride and bridal party members.
  • Look at the makeup created by the makeup artist on the website. If you are looking for a really heavy look with heaps of contouring and dark, dramatic looks, the natural radiant makeup artist may not be your best choice.