How to achieve beautiful wedding day hair

by | May 5, 2017

What an exciting part of your wedding preparation, hair and makeup!

Priority – find an amazing hair stylist!

There are other important considerations and things to look out for at the same time.

Will you feel confident in their abilities?

Will the stylist fit into the day’s itinerary – will they be obliging and create a happy and also a calm day for you?

Have you seen their creations?

How do they portray their image? Does their image (website profile etc) suit and impress you?

Okay, done all that, book her and then arrange a trial date (preferably closer to the wedding than early – you may not remember what you did at the trial and you may not have all the accessories, veil, hair colour all sorted. If you don’t book though…you may be disappointed.

Your stylist will hopefully prepare you well for the hair trial and you can go into the consultation feeling excited and come out inspired and confident.

What else can you do though?

Is your hair in peak condition and ready for that dream hairstyle?

If thin, out of condition, over oily, dry, frizzy etc etc, then do seen assistance and help with your stylist BEFORE the trial. She will ease your pain and steer you to a good plan!

An excellent idea is to bring downloaded shots of the desired hairstyle. This should be accomplished or a compromise between what you have in your mind and how the stylist uses her expertise to create the style.

Long hair, cut in one length may be better re styled if you are considering a down style. Send a copy of your hair and your desired hairstyle to your chosen hair stylist and ask her advice.

You may like to research up styles if your hair is limp or tending to be oily. It may not look quite what you imagined if the day was very humid or windy …

Foils added to dark hair create a beautiful highlight effect on a down style or up style. It can give texture to hair also for that natural soft look.

Blonde hair has more texture if highlights are added too. Very blonde hair could have some slightly darker highlights if you do not want to damage the hair with bleaching. Hairdressers are good of mixing colours for a natural but attractive look. You may not need to cut hair if an up style is required. Upstyling hair can be harder to work with a blunt edge after a recent cut. Saves money on hairdressing too.

Dry hair is better washed in nice warm water to open the hair follicle, and then rinse with cold to lukewarm water after conditioning to close follicle.

If you arrive at the hair trial and your hair is just not thick or long enough, don’t stress. Hair padding, hair extensions (temporary snapped in or applied at the hairdresser or hair extension specialist) can have an amazing affect

Nowadays, hairstyling products and electrical tongs, ceramic rollers, GHDs etc can create wonders.

If you have found the right hair stylist, you are in good hands and everything will flow.